No Tech Experience Required

"Free 5-Part Training Will

Give You the Step-by-Step Plan So You Can

Use A.I. To Get New Clients

And Leverage It to Have More Freedom"

PLUS!! Get access to some free bonuses that we've never included before! You don't want to miss this!

No Tech Experience Required

I challenge you to employ A.I. and allow it to bring you more leads, sales & freedom! Join our CEO Freedom Challenge and save months of exhausting "figuring out" & start using A.I.!


Tired of wasting time posting or doing ads that don't connect with your ideal customers or bring in sales?

Get access to the AI prompt, tools and strategy that will create a crystal-clear Client Avatar and craft messaging that connects with & draws in buyers.


Let A.I. do the undercover research and identify your buyer's habits, what questions they are researching online, and what they want to buy now.

Let A.I. give you 100+ hot content topics your Client Avatar will watch and follow, giving you instant authority and the "viral effect".

No more low views, crickets, or zero engagement...say hello to instant online authority!


Leverage A.I. to create and post 180+ engaging, faceless reels (no dancing required) that your Client Avatar will devour. Watch as your content attracts leads and converts them into loyal clients, boosting your brand visibility and authority.


Maximize your lead generation efforts using AI, capturing hundreds of leads per week and nurturing them with smart automations and campaigns, ultimately converting them into loyal customers.

Automate your follow-up with A.I. to turn more leads into sales.


You don't need an army of virtual assistance or 24/7 appointment setters. Meet your greatest "employee" ever...the programmable A.I. chatbot that handles appointment booking, customer service, and review responses like a pro.

Revolutionize your entire sales process with A.I.


  • Inconsistent lead generation leading to stress & anxiety about the future.

  • Frustration with producing content that gets ignored and doesn't convert.

  • Struggling to gain authority and always behind your competition.

  • Unsure how to get more sales and scale.

  • Not sure if your business is even worth it.

  • Not using A.I. effectively so your business requires a lot of personal effort and is inefficient.


  • Knowing how to get a steady, consistent stream of leads using A.I. creating confidence.

  • Systems to create viral content with A.I. that is consumed and shared by your prospects.

  • Confidence in building an authority brand that is "seen everywhere".

  • A plan to implement A.I. and automations that will bring in more leads and sales so you can scale.

  • Belief that you're business is on the path to the highest levels of success.

  • Strategically using A.I. and automation systems that free up your time and create consistent, predictable growth.

A.I. isn't difficult to use, when you have an easy to follow plan.

No matter what your level of technical ability or experience, A.I. can work for you.

In this Challenge, we'll teach you how to:

  • Use pre-built A.I. "models" to create your client avatar, do research on what buyers want, write copy, create content and more!

  • Use pre-made systems that are plug-and-play for your business.

  • Get expert support that is low-cost and works quickly to get A.I. working in your business.

  • The best low-cost tools for A.I. chat-bots, conversion campaigns, and more!



Hey! We're John & Shannon Lavenia

The founders of, business coaches, and creators of the P.A.I.D. Framework™️ helping stressed out business owners stop working IN their business so they can step into the leadership role that will give them growth + freedom.

We love watching entrepreneurs get their lives back and create legendary levels of growth using A.I. and smart automations in their business. We created the P.A.I.D. Framework™️ after we worked out how to have our business grow into 7-figures without our constant attention .

When we started our business, we wanted financial and time freedom. But our business began to consume our lives, create stress, and become an unfulfilling, soul-sucking nightmare.

That all changed when Shannon got diagnosed with Breast Cancer. We got 100% serious about turning our business into a profit-pumping freedom machine so we could live our best lives.

Now, we're sharing that framework with you, so you can give up the late nights, nail-biting launches, and have a business that works for you (instead of you working for it!)

In this challenge, I'll show you the EXACT systems, tools, and automations we used to whittle our work week down to an enjoyable pace while still hitting epic financial goals. 

Say good-bye to the hustle, mommy/daddy-guilt, and struggle and say HELLO to good times, cash-flow and fun. 



Experience the Transformation

Others Are Raving About

Is This You?

You're a Coach, Consultant, Agency Owner, Author, Business-to-Business Enterprise, and/or Business Leader?

Don't do another waste-of-time webinar that takes you through the host's "journey" but never gives you the actual tools, strategies, or help you need to grow your business? 

It's frustrating as hell, I know!

In this 5-day Challenge, we pull back the curtain on our 7-figure business and give you the framework, "do-this-now" instruction, and action steps to creating a wildly profitable business using A.I. that's capable of running itself, so you can ditch the hustle and enjoy the freedom you're dreaming of. 

Yes, you'll have a path for the AMAZING TRANSFORMATION you want in JUST 5 DAYS... GUARANTEED.

I'm Always Watching What She's Doing...

Shannon Lavenia is one of the most talented marketers and teachers I know. I've know this woman for over a decade and she's made a positive impact on tens of thousands of entrepreneur's lives, including mine. When I started my journey as an entrepreneur, I would listen to Shannon's trainings over and over. Her advice helped me jumpstart my business and grow my online presence. I'm always watching what she's doing because it works!

- Karla Silver, Online Marketer & Business Coach

Get Results With Your Business

Shannon cuts through all the BS out there regarding online marketing and gives you exactly what you need to know to get results with your business. I highly recommend her courses to anyone who wants to grow their online presence and successfully grow their business.

- Laura Sales, Founder of

I'm Grateful To Be Part Of Her Tribe...

Shannon Lavenia isn't just a great "marketer", but a super savvy money maker who knows how to set people up for success! She's a smart and caring business leader who takes care of her tribe. I'm grateful to be part of it!

- Jennifer Lehner,Digital Marketing Strategist

Frank Kern raved about Shannon's presentation

"I'm a typical jaded know-it-all who almost never enjoys peoples presentations about marketing. When Shannon took the stage I was distracted and looking at my phone. Five minutes later, I was riveted. And I wasn't alone. Shannon took the audience on a journey that was inspiring and practical. I learned several things from her presentation and if given the chance, I would go out of my way to see her speak again."

- Frank Kern

I'm just starting my business. Is this right for me?

I seriously WISH I had this information when I was just starting. It would have saved me years of trying to figure out things. Not to mention all the stuff I messed up and then had to fix or un-do. 🤬

I really despise social media but know I should do more of it. Will this help me?

Yes. If you hate social media you should definitely be using A.I. and an automated scheduling process to do it for you. Plus, you can use an A.I. bot to respond to all those messages and convert them into leads and clients.

I'm so overwhelmed that I can't get anything done. I need to hire someone. Will this help me do that?

YES!! But first, you'll see how you can use A.I. to relieve yourself of tasks RIGHT NOW and you might find that you don't need to hire someone as urgently as you think. But if you do, we'll share resources with you on where to find the best outsourcers.

Why do you offer this for free?

Aaaah! Great question. Yes, we get asked this a lot because other experts charge thousands for what we teach you here. The bottom line is that when I beat cancer I decided to create a "legacy"...that means helping hundreds of thousands, not just a handful of people. We do this free as a first step. Plus, we know if we serve you like crazy and get you winning, you'll want to join our other paid programs.

I'm a service business. Will this help me?

Yes!! If you're B2B or B2C, you can use these methods immediately and use A.I. to get leads and make sales.

I feel like my marketing is always ignored and doesn't work. Will this help me?

Yes, the biggest problem you have is "messaging". It's just not connecting. On day 1, we show you how to use A.I. tools to create your perfect client avatar and messaging that connects with them.

I'm working with another coach right now. Should I wait until I finish and do another one?

No. Most coaches do not cover what we do. Plus, we have hundreds of people consistently contacting us bc a lot of coaches teach "theory" and we deploy "tactics". Theory gets you thinking, tactics makes you money.

I'm not tech savvy. Can I still do this?

Yes, in fact, the tools we'll share with you all have phenomenal support and some have "done for you" options that are very cost-effective. The ROI (return on investment) is typically 10x-25x what it costs for set-up because they bring in leads and help convert leads into clients.

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